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Snapshots // Meet Max!

June 21, 2012

I'm more excited than usual for this installment of "Snapshots" because I am introducing our new puppy Max!! Max, or Maximus Roger Fernandez, is our 4 month old German Shepherd puppy. We've had this little dude for about a month now and we just love him so much! Now, I will say this, puppies are no joke. It has taken a ton of patience and consistency in training but he's a very smart, loving, and outgoing dog and we are happy to have him in our lives. I look forward to watching him continue to grow, and boy is he growing! His daddy is a 100lb.'er so we may have quite a large dog on our hands one day! He'll look intimidating but will be sweet as pie :) 

So, if you know me, you know I love my cats so that was a huge point of concern when we decided to bring this guy into our home. We've been very careful to introduce them all in phases and keep a close watch on them when they do interact. The biggest issue is that the cats are older, and well, they just don't have the energy or patience for Max right now. His invites to "play" come off as bothersome to the cats so there is a lot of growling and an occasional flying claw (or two) but things are exponentially better than the first week or two with him in the house. My hope is that they'll all become best buds!

I hope you'll enjoy the pics below that I compiled for this post. They are all from my Instagram feed. if you'd like to keep up with me on Instagram my username is sassandperil. I'm snapping more pics of him with my Canon as well but iphones just make it so easy to capture that moment in a jiffy, you know? 

Anyone else out there own a German Shepherd or are new puppy parents like us? I'd love to share tips and stories!

licks, from Max!

Today, my friends, I bring you a little sneak peek of our office and screenprinting studio! I re-shot photos of these spaces for an couple interview articles so I thought I'd share then here as well! Here is a little background about the spaces: 

The office- Cesar and I share this space and this is where we work on our computers and pack orders. I love having those two windows for the days where I am stuck on the computer all day designing and catching up on emails. The view is of our backyard so I can see our garden and keep an eye on our kitties when they want to go outside and sunbathe. I sew all the pillows in here and we also store many of our products in this room. There is a nice big closet (to the right of the entry to the room, not pictured) that helps keep the office clutter-free. I tend to work best when the office is tidy! It is a shared space so Cesar and I have little things in the office that make us happy such as those screenprints by friend and awesome artist Michael Sieben

The garage studio- This space houses our screenprinting operations as well as storage for packing supplies and what not. We recently acquired the 4-color press for textiles, and we also have a bench-top manual station as well where we screenprint paper goods. You can see our exposure unit in the photos as well as the area under the manual press station where we store screens. We keep freshly coated screens away from the light in a covered shelving area next to our wash-out booth (not pictured). This space isn't pretty, but it is surely functional! I hope you enjoyed getting a little glimpse into our space here at sass&peril! I'll post a link to the interview articles when they run so that you can also learn more about us as well! Happy Sunday!

 sass&peril studiosass&peril studio sass&peril studio sass&peril studio sass&peril studio sass&peril studio sass&peril studio sass&peril studio

Oh look...it's me! Cesar is being shy and says he'd rather stay behind the camera on this one but check out how handsome he is here


We are so lucky to have an amazing antique market right here in Long Beach, and Cesar and I ventured out to this past weekend. This market is really massive with over 800 vendors (wow!) and fills up an entire stadium parking lot! I've been a few times now, but this time I decided to snap some photos and document a selection of the great items to be found. You really have to have a game plan when you go to this market as there is so much amazing stuff that you can easily get sidetracked. I personally love it when I'm scanning someone's booth and that amazing item just pops out at me! You will certainly leave with more than you came for. My plan was to find us a new mid century coffee table but I came up short in that department. I did pick up a few little treasures though and added to my Pyrex collection. Cesar scored pretty big with some old fiberglass skateboard decks, some retro sports memorabilia, and an amazing (and strange) basketball hanging lamp with hoop & net. Sadly, as we were installing it in our garage, the "ball" globe fell off and broke into what Cesar recalls as "a million pieces"! We are pretty crafty though and I think a trip to the hardware store for a replacement globe and some paint will bring the "ball" back to life. I certainly don't think we'll come across that thing again!

Enjoy the photos and if you want to come check out the show here 's the info:

Long Beach Antique Market

When- 5:30 am- 2:00 pm, on the 3rd Sunday of every month

Price- $5 ($10 if you come between 5:30-6:30 am as that is the earlybird price!)

Where- 4901 E Conant Street Long Beach, CA 90808

LBC Antique Market

A beautiful display of vintage goodies!

LBC Antique Market

A bowl of woodblock letters & stacks of vintage containers

LBC Antique Market

More woodblock letters & a great little storage cabinet

LBC Antique Market

Retro packaging and tins, such great fonts & graphics!

LBC Antique Market

Industrial Salvage goodies

LBC Antique Market

Lovely old drawers and labels

LBC Antique Market

Giant metal letters & a fabulous green chair

LBC Antique Market

I am in love with the vintage pops of color on these chairs!

LBC Antique Market

Typography of all sizes

LBC Antique Market

Beautiful up-cycled jewelry in the Industrial Vintage booth

LBC Antique Market

Seltzer bottles and Cesar's haul!

LBC Antique Market

Picked up some more items for my Pyrex collection!

LBC Antique Market

I couldn't pas up the cute illustrations on this pail!

LBC Antique Market

Love the vintage Graphic Design on this Band-Aid tin


Snapshots /// My Packaging

January 20, 2012

For today's Snapshots installment I thought I'd get some shots of my packaging, tags, and the little items that make preparing orders even more fun. Maybe you'll even get a little inspiration! I adore the simplicity of Kraft paper dressed up with baker's twine and washi tape. How fun is it to start a washi tape collection!? I'm on the hunt for a new roll of the french airmail striped tape that appears in a few of the photos. Sadly, I can't find this tape anymore and I love it! Well, Happy Friday to you all and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! I'll be spending it in the studio screenprinting more baby one-pieces, tees, and a new product that I can't wait to share soon!!

sass&peril packaging

sass&peril packaging

sass&peril packaging

sass&peril packaging

sass&peril packaging

sass&peril packaging

sass&peril packaging

sass&peril packaging

sass&peril packaging

sass&peril packaging


Snapshots /// Holiday Gifts

December 31, 2011

For this year's Christmas gifts my goal was to purchase mainly handmade goods. I bought from fellow vendors at craft shows and shopped Etsy to add to the selection. I'm happy to announce that the items were huge hits with everyone and this will certainly be my method of gift-giving for the future! Since I couldn't share images of them when I bought everything for fear that the recipients might find out, I quickly snapped some photos of them before I wrapping. Here they are below with links to the maker's shops and websites if you'd like to learn more. A huge thank you to everyone who purchased locally and handmade goods this season. We could not do this without YOU!

Prunella Soaps packaging

Prunella Soaps

Prunella Soap stacks

Prunella Soaps- Etsy & Facebook

Small Adventure Bird Cards

Small Adventure Bird Card Set

Small Adventure Birds Stationery Set- Etsy & Facebook

KoKo Cupcake Candles

KoKo Candles Cupcake Candles- Etsy & Facebook

Attic Journals

Attic Journals (made from reclaimed books!)- Website & Facebook

Voz Chica Bangles

Voz Clothing & Art Bangles- Etsy & Facebook

Oh Hello Friend Goodies

Oh Hello Friend goodies- Blog Website & Facebook

Mac Cutting Boards

Mac Cutting Boards (made from recycled wood!)- Website & Facebook



A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of working with friend and super talented photographer, Mollie Coffin, from Of A Reverie. We ventured out in Long Beach and shot some of the totes in action, and I am so excited about how these shots came out! Mollie has such a great eye for imagery and composition and her subtle treatment touches to the images really add a dreamy quality that I just love. Here are a few of the images below and you can always hop on over to flickr to view the full set and check out her tumblr page here. I'm looking forward to working with Mollie again for more lifestyle shoots for the brand!

Giraffes Tote

Lion Tote Red Fox Tote

Raccoon Tote

Red Fox Tote Lion Tote

Owl Tote

Pirate Kitty Tote


Part 2 of my Halloween-themed Snapshots post features our Owl Pumpkin! Last year we carved a cat so this year we stuck with the creatures theme and carved an owl. Cesar gutted the thing and carved half the face. I carved the other half and the side 'feathers'. Pretty cool! It looked even better with a glowing candle inside on our porch at night. And what did we do with the pumpkin seeds? Well, I toasted them with olive oil, curry powder, and salt and am munching on them now. Deelish! Goodbye Halloween 2011, can't wait to do it all again next year!

Pumpkin carving

pumpkin carving closeup

owl pumpkin

Owl pumpkin lit

owl pumpkin lit side

owl pumpkin and candy


I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! I'm kind of sad it is over! We had a blast hanging out with friends, dressing up, and passing out candy to the neighborhood kiddies! I made my own costume this year and am really excited about the results so I thought I'd share some pics in today's Snapshots post. This year I was a fox complete with mask, ears, and tail! I bought a red zip-up hoodie, felt, elastic cording, and white faux fur fabric. The red fleece fabric, shorts, tights, and boots I already owned. Bonus feature of the costume was that I stayed toasty warm while gallivanting around town with Cesar and friends. Hooray for handmade! It is so much fun making your own costume and even if there were other foxes out and about no one's get-up looked quite like mine!

Coming up tomorrow is part 2 of my Halloween post and will feature our Owl Pumpkin that we carved!

prep for fox

fox tail

fox mask

sew on ears

sew on tummy

tail sewn on

costume finished

mask closeup

me as a fox



Snapshots /// Thrift Finds

September 28, 2011

I wanted to share some of the treasures I found when I went hunting around Long Beach last week for some new props and containers for product for my booths at shows. I scored a few vintage metal file boxes, a toolbox, and crates, a vintage Triumph stamp, and a metal frame bowl. One of the vintage metal boxes, the smaller green one centered in the image below, is locked and I can totally hear something inside the box when I shake it! I can't wait to crack the code and see what's inside! I feel like one of the winners of those storage lockers on shows like Storage Wars harboring hope that something valuable could be lying inside! If not, that's cool too because the box is so neat on its own.

In other news the Abbot Kinney show this past weekend in Venice was a blast! I will be posting a link to pictures in the next couple of days. Thanks to everyone who came by the booth! I feel badly that I couldn't really walk the festival and visit fellow vendors but it was super packed and very busy! I do hope that everyone had a great time and sold lots of product. Speaking of busy shows, I found out that we are going to be vending at the 2011 Renegade LA Holiday Show, December 10 + 11! More details to come as the date approaches.

Happy Wednesday!

thrift goodies

thrift finds

triumph stamp

vintage metal toolbox

vintage toolbox handle


Snapshots /// The Weekend

September 20, 2011

Yes, I am posting a weekend re-cap on a Tuesday night, it has just been that kind of week! Over the weekend we wrapped up shooting for the new sass&peril video, which I am so excited about! Apart from that I've been printing like mad getting ready for the Abbot Kinney Festival this Sunday, but I took a little time off to harvest some carrots from my garden. This is my first time growing carrots so I am super excited to share the pics! There's just something magical about eating the food you grew in your own backyard, I tell ya.

PS- I pulled a brand new design this weekend and will be listing it later in the week!







Derek filming product and materials for the sass&peril video, Banks the cat, My growing garden, Freshly harvested carrots, Cleaned carrots


Snapshots /// Seattle

September 07, 2011

Here are a few images from our long weekend visiting friends in Seattle. I really love that city and was so excited to visit during the summer! Hop on over to my Flickr page for the full gallery if you'd like to see more.


Snapshots /// The Weekend

August 22, 2011

Here are some pictures from my weekend and a few shots taken with my new lens, which I am still trying to get the hang of. I worked (a little), I relaxed, I played, I ate...it was a blast. Now I sit here trying to write php code whilst packing orders and going in and out of the studio to print more tote bags. Did I mention Cesar is off in Vegas skating a contest put on by the Maloof brothers, winning money at the roulette tables, and staying at the Palms for free? No, I'm not bitter. Not one bit.

Oh by the way, I tried to sneak it by without notice but I have edited what was previously called "4-Up" to this new "Snapshots" category. I felt limited with just four photos so I am going to be presenting them free form as you see below from now on under the "Snapshots" title. I also created some nifty little buttons in the sidebar over there to the right for you to easily navigate through the category archives. OK, now on with the pics!

Details: Cesar drawing, Etnies Skatepark for a demo, Cesar and Ryan Sheckler, no big deal!, miniramps and dogs, Sasha- a friend's dog, Myran's snake eyes, Malik's portrait, dunny collection, red ink, finished tote. All shots taken by me.