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These Are Things Modern Map

September 05, 2012

I just love this Modern World Map by the talented duo at These Are Things. The colors, the graphics, the size...everything just works. You can purchase one here and make sure to bookmark their awesome blog Making It while you're at it.


Modern Day Venus

August 23, 2012

I stumbled upon this amazing "how-to guide" designed by Tad Carpenter and commissioned by Adobe called Modern Day Venus. I just love Tad's work and I'm also a huge fan of seeing process shots by artists that I admire. It really gives you an exclusive behind the scenes peek and a whole new respect for how illustrators and designer work. I use Adobe Illustrator daily so this was such a fun tutorial to follow and it also explains some of the new tools in Illustrator CS6, win! Check it out here where you can download it as a .pdf. 



August 04, 2012

Now you know I love a good modern animal illustration, so when I stumbled upon this German Shepherd print on Pinterest I was delighted to see that it is from Josh Brill's online shop Lumadessa. If you follow me on Instagram (@sassandperil) or have read this post, you'd know that we recently acquired a new addition to the furry family, Max the German Shepherd. So it's obvious that I have to buy this print, right? Cesar and I have an anniversary coming up this month so this may just make the perfect gift. That is unless he's reading this post and I've spoiled the surprise! It's ok though, I just couldn't resist sharing it with you. More dogs and beautifully illustrated creatures available in his online shop here.

Happy Love Day!

February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to you all! I hope everyone is off to a great week. We spent the past weekend at the Local Love show in Downtown LA. It was so great to be a part of a Unique Show again, they are just top notch. Tomorrow I will share some pics of our booth from the show. It was super fun decorating it in Valentine's Day fashion! It was also a pleasure to meet those of you who came by to say hello! So this month got a little crazy prepping for the show and designing and printing new animal designs (yippee!) and in result, I didn't get a chance to make a freebie for the month. But let me tell you there are some amaaaaazing Valentine's-themed DIY projects floating around the interwebs so you are more than covered! I am going to share a few of my favorites so that in return you'll forgive me for not offering one of my own, will you? ;) What I will be doing is photographing the new prints this week so they'll available in the online shops very soon. Have a great Valentine's Day, or Tuesday, or whatever you plan to make of your day!

Favorites for Vday

1. The Pretty Blog- Valentine's Day Tags // 2. Pugly Pixel- ASOS-inspired Mouse & Bunny Rings // 3. Minie Co.- Pixel Pop-Up Card // 4. Sweet Muffin Suite- Valentine's Day Pencil Holders // 5. Oh Happy Day- Heart Attack! // 6. Creature Comforts- Valentine's Day Treat Bag Toppers // 7. Fellow Fellow- Love Struck Place Cards // 8. Eat Drink Chic- Origami Heart Love Note


The Little Things

October 15, 2011

I just received a package of amazing starburst-shaped kraft paper stickers that I ordered on Etsy from Circle Prints! First of all how cute are these stickers?! I've been looking for some stickers like these to use on my organic baby garments for shops and shows so I was delighted to find them from an Etsy seller. Circle Prints purveyors, Suze and Luke, were super helpful in getting me a custom listing in the amount of stickers that I wanted and provided such great customer service. What motivated me to write this post beyond the experience and actual product were the 'little things' they included in their package to me. As a seller who prides herself on great customer service and also one who takes the time to package goods with that extra touch, I deeply appreciate the 'little things'. For other sellers looking to gain repeat patronage from their buyers, please take these details to heart! A hand written note, a postcard, a sweet little coupon...these are the 'little things' that make your customers smile and makes them think of you again when shopping from the hundreds of thousands of sellers online.

Just my thoughts on this beautiful Saturday morning! Have a great weekend everyone!

Circle Prints 1

Circle Prints 2

Circle Prints 3



October 07, 2011

Two things I'm currently loving today....

• Listening to Gotye- Wouter De Backer, aka Gotye, hails from Belgium and Australia and is a pretty darn talented fellow. He sings, plays just about every instrument found in a band, and is also part of the band The Basics. His voice totally reminds me of Sting, which is quite a quality comparison. I am in love with the song "Somebody That I Used to Know" posted below featuring Kimbra, who is pretty darn amazing herself. I love the intensity when she gets all up in his face and how cool is the body paint featured in the video!?

• Fall Sweaters- Fall is pretty much here and I'm loving sweaters in stripes, chunky solids, fun novelty prints, of course and autumnal colors.

Sweater Love

L-R: Madewell sweater, unknown, H&M sweater,

L-R: We Heart It image, Binki Shapiro for Madewell, Bambi Northwood-Blyth for Tony Bianco 




Design Menu

June 23, 2011

Here's another gem of design humor via Colin Harman. This really hits the nail on the head for us Graphic Designers. Brilliant!


A Design Resolution

June 22, 2011

Simply put and so true! I actually want to make one for Illustrator promoting the organizational benefits of working in layers. I just love getting files that are one huge group.

Via Chris Streger Design:

Design resolution image


The Cutest Of Trades

March 08, 2011

Trading product can be a really fun experience, especially when that trade involves custom plush cats mad in the likeness of your own cats!! We swapped two of my screenprints, my Pirate Kitty and Red Fox, for two of her custom creations. Check out the amazingly cut little fat cats Etsy seller BoRoShan made for me for our product swap! They capture Malik and Myran's essence so well. How perfect is that fabric for Myran's tabby coat? And the collars are detachable so they can be swapped back and forth. I am totally in love with them. The cats are still trying to figure them out, but I think they'll come around! Please visit Shannah's  website for more cuteness in the form of plush, paintings, and pendants. :)


Plastique necklace

June 04, 2010

Hooray! My purchase from Etsy seller Plastique arrived yesterday. I've totally gone to use this command while hand sketching a time or two and thought, wow...I really work on the computer waaaaay too much! Check out her shop for more fun pieces.