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Color Cues 02

August 16, 2012


I LOVE this little custom zip pouch and color palette from BAGGU.


Color Cues 01

August 06, 2012

Back when I was a Graphic Designer for an apparel company one of my favorite tasks was putting together not only mood boards, but specifically color palettes. That skill has definitely helped me as a freelance designer and also when designing products for my own line. So I am introducing a new column, "Color Cues", where I will be posting an image with color swatches for you to get inspired by. Do you have certain colors you always flock to? I find myself doing this as screenprinting ink colors are tough to mix and get the saturation just right at times. Often you might not think to use certain color combos together, but seeing a beautiful image with an unexpected palette can really get your creative juices flowing. I figured it was high time I got these off of my Pinterest board and in a form that is much more shareable with you all. Enjoy!