Digital Prints

Posted November 20 2012

So while you were sleeping, we added a new category to the s+p collection! We've been toying with the idea of a digital prints range for some time now, and were encouraged along by many of your responses on the product surveys we've put out in the past. Our goal was to create some quality, eye-catching and stylish poster-sized designs for your home and office at an economical price point. We understand that while screenprints are extra special when it comes to process and exclusivity, many of you change out your art frequently or are perhaps looking for the ability to customize the colors in your prints (coming soon)! By no means are we abandoning screenprinting the bulk of our pieces, as a matter of fact we've got two new screenprinted series set to debut over the next couple months. We're just spicing up the assortment a bit. If you've ordered from us in the past you know our quality control levels are very high, so you can be assured we've secured the most top of the line equipment and papers for these prints. You can check out each product listing for more on the inks + papers used. We hope you'll like the new "digis", as we are affectionately referring to them, and that you'll perhaps snap a few up in our Holiday weekend sale! More details on that tomorrow if you didn't already get our newsletter.