Big Shop Update- Screenprints Edition!

Posted September 29 2012

I've got quite a bit of new product to share with you all today. I had planned on posting this on Monday but I just couldn't wait! So here I sit on a Saturday afternoon adding 5 new screenprints to my collection and I couldn't be more pleased! First up is the pièce de résistance my new Alphabet Screenprint. This print is a whopping 18" x 24" and is hand screenprinted using four ink colors: blue, yellow, red, and black. This print was a doozie to produce, let me tell you, but I am so happy with the results and I hope you will like it, too! Due to its size, it would make a great center piece for your little one's room or even give it as a gift. It is a truly timeless theme with a sass&peril twist, and as with all my pieces it has been designed and hand-pulled by me with love for you! You can view more photos, see more details, and purchase the screenprint here in my online shop or on Etsy.

Next up is a new series of Scandinavian-inspired fruit screenprints. My goal here was to take a recognizable shape, such as those of fruits, and give them a geometric pattern twist. I adore Scandinavian design and motifs and wanted to bring some of that pattern work into my designs. I couldn't decide on just one color for these, I even asked some of you on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but it came back pretty dead even on black vs. a traditional color. Sometimes black packs just as bold of a punch as a bright color would so I went with both! I'm also really pleased that I went with the poster size 12.5" x 19" on these as they really make a statement at the bigger size. You can purchase these here in the online shop or on Etsy

Now for a little CONTEST! I am offering up each screenprint to three lucky winners! Here's how it will work:

- Pin the print you'd like to win on Pinterest with a link back to the actual print in either my online shop or my Etsy shop. (It must be a link to the product NOT this blog post) 

- Start following sass&peril on Pinterest (This is not mandatory, I'm not going to force you to follow me, but it would be great to connect!)

- Leave me a comment here saying you pinned with your Pinterest profile URL. (I will be checking so no fibbing!)

** Extra credit: Post to your Facebook and/or Twitter (same rules as above). Each post will count as one entry so you can have up to 3 entries for each screenprint you'd like to win!

There will be three different winners and three prints will be given away. One person will win the Alphabet print, another person will win one of the Apple prints (either black or red), and the last person will win one of the Pear prints (either black or green). 

I will choose the winners on October 6th, in one week! Make sure you check back to see if you've won and happy pinning!