New Large Raccoon & A Screenprinting Peek!

Posted June 06 2012

I just added this larger version of the Raccoon screenprint to the shop! Lots of you requested this guy in the poster size, so I just had to free up some screens to pull this print. I've also included some pictures I took on my iphone from the screenprinting process. I think it's nice to have behind the scenes peeks at what goes into making products so I hope you enjoy!

The pictures explained:

1. So, I'm going to lay down the third and final color, which is black.

2. Next, I align the print under a sheet of clear mylar that I printed the black on already. The left side of this sheet is affixed to my work table and is what I use to line up, or register, the design for each print!

3. After I bring my screen down, I grab my squeegee and pull a line of black ink down the screen to deposit the ink to my print below. You have to use both hands for this step for even pressure.

4. Then I lift the screen back up to see that I have the black put down precisely where I want it to be on the screenprint. Success!

And here is the result: