Fox Tea Towels

Posted April 30 2012

Yesterday I realized that in all the hustle and bustle of launching the new site that I forgot to post about a new product added to the collection. So here they are, brand new 100% cotton hand-screenprinted tea towels! The first installment features my Fox Family design re-imagined into a pattern fit for the towel. The printed area measures 12" x 18" and the entire towel measures 21" x 26". We wash/dry tested them and they do shrink 1-2" all around. They also soften so nicely after a wash. We recommend that you wash them in cold water and tumble dry low to preserve the print. They are offered in three colors: black, aqua blue, and peachy-coral. There are so many uses for these tea towels. You can use them to absorb spills, cover breads, as placemats or napkins, wrap gifts, sew into pillows, or just hang them up as decoration, even frame them! They make great housewarming gifts. You will find them here in our shop and this is just the first design, more to come!