Snapshots /// sass&peril HQ

Posted April 25 2012
Today, my friends, I bring you a little sneak peek of our office and screenprinting studio! I re-shot photos of these spaces for an couple interview articles so I thought I'd share then here as well! Here is a little background about the spaces: 

The office- Cesar and I share this space and this is where we work on our computers and pack orders. I love having those two windows for the days where I am stuck on the computer all day designing and catching up on emails. The view is of our backyard so I can see our garden and keep an eye on our kitties when they want to go outside and sunbathe. I sew all the pillows in here and we also store many of our products in this room. There is a nice big closet (to the right of the entry to the room, not pictured) that helps keep the office clutter-free. I tend to work best when the office is tidy! It is a shared space so Cesar and I have little things in the office that make us happy such as those screenprints by friend and awesome artist Michael Sieben

The garage studio- This space houses our screenprinting operations as well as storage for packing supplies and what not. We recently acquired the 4-color press for textiles, and we also have a bench-top manual station as well where we screenprint paper goods. You can see our exposure unit in the photos as well as the area under the manual press station where we store screens. We keep freshly coated screens away from the light in a covered shelving area next to our wash-out booth (not pictured). This space isn't pretty, but it is surely functional! I hope you enjoyed getting a little glimpse into our space here at sass&peril! I'll post a link to the interview articles when they run so that you can also learn more about us as well! Happy Sunday!

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Oh's me! Cesar is being shy and says he'd rather stay behind the camera on this one but check out how handsome he is here