The Hunger Games and a Free Download!

Posted April 09 2012

Yep, I'm going there. I am so excited about this movie that I've gone and made you guys a free printable! If you are up to speed with these books then you're already familiar with the tagline "May the odds be ever in your favor". If you're not let me put it in context for you. See this movie is about the games, the Hunger Games to be exact. It is a fight to the death for the child participants that get chosen and is shamefully relished by the residents of the Capitol. The games are sick and twisted and everyone living in the districts outside of the Capitol knows it. The tributes, as the participants are called, have a very slim chance to be victorious. Since only one tribute will go on to win and survive the odds are not very good, hence the quote's proclamation. To be honest, I also just kind of like the way the quote sounds.

About the images and files: To download the printable files, click on each image to take you to the larger printable pdf. You can also share these images below online, but I'd appreciate a link back to my site. These are for personal use only.

I'm seeing the movie tonight and of course dragging Cesar there with me. I did the same thing with Twilight and he became a fan, so yeah. ;) Is anyone else seeing the movie or into the series?