Snapshots /// Holiday Gifts

Posted April 09 2012

For this year's Christmas gifts my goal was to purchase mainly handmade goods. I bought from fellow vendors at craft shows and shopped Etsy to add to the selection. I'm happy to announce that the items were huge hits with everyone and this will certainly be my method of gift-giving for the future! Since I couldn't share images of them when I bought everything for fear that the recipients might find out, I quickly snapped some photos of them before I wrapping. Here they are below with links to the maker's shops and websites if you'd like to learn more. A huge thank you to everyone who purchased locally and handmade goods this season. We could not do this without YOU!

Prunella Soaps packaging

Prunella Soaps

Prunella Soap stacks

Prunella Soaps- Etsy & Facebook

Small Adventure Bird Cards

Small Adventure Bird Card Set

Small Adventure Birds Stationery Set- Etsy & Facebook

KoKo Cupcake Candles

KoKo Candles Cupcake Candles- Etsy & Facebook

Attic Journals

Attic Journals (made from reclaimed books!)- Website & Facebook

Voz Chica Bangles

Voz Clothing & Art Bangles- Etsy & Facebook

Oh Hello Friend Goodies

Oh Hello Friend goodies- Blog Website & Facebook

Mac Cutting Boards

Mac Cutting Boards (made from recycled wood!)- Website & Facebook