Snapshots /// Of A Reverie Photoshoot

Posted April 09 2012

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of working with friend and super talented photographer, Mollie Coffin, from Of A Reverie. We ventured out in Long Beach and shot some of the totes in action, and I am so excited about how these shots came out! Mollie has such a great eye for imagery and composition and her subtle treatment touches to the images really add a dreamy quality that I just love. Here are a few of the images below and you can always hop on over to flickr to view the full set and check out her tumblr page here. I'm looking forward to working with Mollie again for more lifestyle shoots for the brand!

Giraffes Tote

Lion Tote Red Fox Tote

Raccoon Tote

Red Fox Tote Lion Tote

Owl Tote

Pirate Kitty Tote