Birthday Month Giving

Posted April 09 2012

** UPDATE! ** I just submitted the donation to the HSUS! Thanks so much to all who bought from me this month and helped me to give a generous gift on my birthday to this amazing organization!

HSUS Donation Image

I know we are 6 days into December and I had totally planned for this post to go live Dec. 1st, but with all the shows and shopping craziness I am just now getting around to it! This month is my birthday month, and since it is better to give than to receive I wanted to give a special gift come December 20th to an organization that I donate to every year, the Humane Society of the United States. I'm a huge animal lover, I mean, have you looked around my shop? Usually I donate to the HSUS in the form of a Christmas gift to my family, but this year I'm going to be buying them handmade and locally made goodies and supporting the makers behind those businesses. Of course I still want to do my usual donation so I decided to mix it up a bit and give 15% of my online sales from Dec. 1st- Dec. 20th to the Humane Society! I'm really excited about being able to support both artists and great causes this year and if you purchase from my shop you'll also be supporting both, hooray!

Humane Society Donation