Snapshots /// Halloween 2011 Fox Costume

Posted April 09 2012

I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween! I'm kind of sad it is over! We had a blast hanging out with friends, dressing up, and passing out candy to the neighborhood kiddies! I made my own costume this year and am really excited about the results so I thought I'd share some pics in today's Snapshots post. This year I was a fox complete with mask, ears, and tail! I bought a red zip-up hoodie, felt, elastic cording, and white faux fur fabric. The red fleece fabric, shorts, tights, and boots I already owned. Bonus feature of the costume was that I stayed toasty warm while gallivanting around town with Cesar and friends. Hooray for handmade! It is so much fun making your own costume and even if there were other foxes out and about no one's get-up looked quite like mine!

Coming up tomorrow is part 2 of my Halloween post and will feature our Owl Pumpkin that we carved!

prep for fox

fox tail

fox mask

sew on ears

sew on tummy

tail sewn on

costume finished

mask closeup

me as a fox