The Little Things

Posted April 09 2012

I just received a package of amazing starburst-shaped kraft paper stickers that I ordered on Etsy from Circle Prints! First of all how cute are these stickers?! I've been looking for some stickers like these to use on my organic baby garments for shops and shows so I was delighted to find them from an Etsy seller. Circle Prints purveyors, Suze and Luke, were super helpful in getting me a custom listing in the amount of stickers that I wanted and provided such great customer service. What motivated me to write this post beyond the experience and actual product were the 'little things' they included in their package to me. As a seller who prides herself on great customer service and also one who takes the time to package goods with that extra touch, I deeply appreciate the 'little things'. For other sellers looking to gain repeat patronage from their buyers, please take these details to heart! A hand written note, a postcard, a sweet little coupon...these are the 'little things' that make your customers smile and makes them think of you again when shopping from the hundreds of thousands of sellers online.

Just my thoughts on this beautiful Saturday morning! Have a great weekend everyone!

Circle Prints 1

Circle Prints 2

Circle Prints 3