Mix & Match Holiday Cards

Posted April 09 2012

I've just listed the option to create your own pack of holiday cards from my 2011 collection! It's a 6-pack for the Holidays, (hehe)! You may choose 6 cards for $22.50, which is a savings of $1.25 per card, 25% off!! I'm also offering the ability to choose your own colors for a card pack if you choose 6 of the same design. For example, you like the "Joy, Peace and Love"card but you want your 6 cards printed in red, no problem. Just allow 5 days for custom color orders. I don't get to offer custom colors a lot so take advantage of it!

And just for kicks, ever wondered what the underside of a cat looks like?

underside of a cat

You're welcome. Happy Caturday! (and yes I realize it is Sunday, but I missed posting this yesterday so just pretend!)