Behind the Business, sass&peril video!

Posted April 09 2012

Today I have the pleasure of bringing you sass&peril's first and brand new video! About 6 months ago I had the idea to put together a little "behind the scenes" video of what I do and how my items are made. As a handmade artist, I feel it is important to share my processes, what materials I use, and why I do what I do. There is a lot of work that goes into each print I pull, and I wanted to give viewer's a glimpse into this process in an informative, yet visually interesting way. Our friend and talented filmer, Derek Fukuhara, agreed to bring this idea to life and I think he totally nailed it! I hope you like it and please visit Derek's You Tube page and Tumblr. Thanks for watching!

ps- this video will be embedded into my 'ABOUT' section on this blog and website if you'd like to access it in the future.