Snapshots /// Thrift Finds

Posted April 09 2012

I wanted to share some of the treasures I found when I went hunting around Long Beach last week for some new props and containers for product for my booths at shows. I scored a few vintage metal file boxes, a toolbox, and crates, a vintage Triumph stamp, and a metal frame bowl. One of the vintage metal boxes, the smaller green one centered in the image below, is locked and I can totally hear something inside the box when I shake it! I can't wait to crack the code and see what's inside! I feel like one of the winners of those storage lockers on shows like Storage Wars harboring hope that something valuable could be lying inside! If not, that's cool too because the box is so neat on its own.

In other news the Abbot Kinney show this past weekend in Venice was a blast! I will be posting a link to pictures in the next couple of days. Thanks to everyone who came by the booth! I feel badly that I couldn't really walk the festival and visit fellow vendors but it was super packed and very busy! I do hope that everyone had a great time and sold lots of product. Speaking of busy shows, I found out that we are going to be vending at the 2011 Renegade LA Holiday Show, December 10 + 11! More details to come as the date approaches.

Happy Wednesday!

thrift goodies

thrift finds

triumph stamp

vintage metal toolbox

vintage toolbox handle