Snapshots /// The Weekend

Posted April 09 2012

Here are some pictures from my weekend and a few shots taken with my new lens, which I am still trying to get the hang of. I worked (a little), I relaxed, I played, I was a blast. Now I sit here trying to write php code whilst packing orders and going in and out of the studio to print more tote bags. Did I mention Cesar is off in Vegas skating a contest put on by the Maloof brothers, winning money at the roulette tables, and staying at the Palms for free? No, I'm not bitter. Not one bit.

Oh by the way, I tried to sneak it by without notice but I have edited what was previously called "4-Up" to this new "Snapshots" category. I felt limited with just four photos so I am going to be presenting them free form as you see below from now on under the "Snapshots" title. I also created some nifty little buttons in the sidebar over there to the right for you to easily navigate through the category archives. OK, now on with the pics!

Details: Cesar drawing, Etnies Skatepark for a demo, Cesar and Ryan Sheckler, no big deal!, miniramps and dogs, Sasha- a friend's dog, Myran's snake eyes, Malik's portrait, dunny collection, red ink, finished tote. All shots taken by me.