Visually Speaking /// Nautical

Posted April 09 2012

As summer begins to draw to a close I wanted to pay tribute to nautical-inspired items. I love the ocean. Plus, I've never met a stripe I didn't like. My two favorite quotes are below and I'd totally wear everything in the collection....with denim shorts...but probably not all at once, though it is tempting. (crazy stripe lady) Enjoy the collection and the rest of your summer!

1. Andrew Banneker- illustration

2. Night Owler Creative Co.- buttons

3. Saint James- striped tops

4. Son of a Sailor- bracelet

5. Banyan Hippo- bag

6. Dear Musketeer- Columbus Quote

7. Whipped Bakeshop- anchor cupcakes

8. Scout's Honor Co.- wedding invitations

9. Fieldguided- tote bag

10. Nautical- wall art

11. Crewcuts- shoes