Snapshots /// Thunderstorms

Posted April 09 2012

I'm in Florida right now and since we are in the dog days of summer many afternoon storms are rolling through. I am absolutely enchanted by the sound of thunder! Living in California I don't get to hear thunder really ever so when I visit home during the summer months it is something I look forward to hearing. There's just something about a thunderstorm on a hot summer day to cool everything down. Sometimes you can even see steam rising up in the air as the raindrops hit the ground. Although it is super hot and humid here it's a climate that takes me back to childhood and invokes memories of running off of the beach or in from the pool as the curtain of rain rolls in. I also like how the showers just slow everything down for an hour or so and I imagine people sitting on their porches or watching the storms through big windows while drinking cups of coffee and waiting for the storms to pass. It is a very soothing feeling. Here is a small roundup of images I felt appropriate for a summer thunderstorm theme:

photo by: Ashie Fashy

photo by: Kirby Collins

photo by: WNoble

photo by: Hengki24

source unknown

photo by: Rona Keller

There are some more images from the Summer School event I did at the Ace Hotel here and here.

That's all for now. Off to enjoy the rest of my vacay!