Snapshots /// Cats

Posted April 09 2012

So I have a thing for cats. So what? I'm not denying my cat lady tendencies, no not one bit. Since I am using this series to get all up close and personal I might as well share my love for our feline friends. So without further ado, let me introduce to you Myran, Malik, Banks, and Brutus:

Myran and Malik are our 12 year old indoor cats, sister and brother, that I have had since the beginning of time. They are my fur babies and I loff them so. I can't imagine a life without them and I tear up thinking about how old they are getting and ever having to lose them. They literally light up my life and 90% of our iPhone pics are of them doing cute things. Pure bliss.

Banks is a cat that we tried to adopt a few months back but after taking him in his owner decided to stake claim. (&$@%!) We can't take what's not ours so we gave him back. He still spends 95% of the time in our yard and at our house as she keeps him outside of her home so he's our little "half-cat". He's the funniest guy, about 2 years old and very loving yet stubborn as a rock. He lets us know he's arrived and ready for some food by banging on the screen door then commencing to rub all over it. Sweet.

Brutus is Banks' buddy, but a true stray who is very skittish. He showed up one day (Banks probably told him there was food to be eaten) and we kind of fell in love with his funny shaped body and pretty, yet close set, blue eyes. He has quite a large head with the fattest cheeks and loudest meow! He has finally warmed up to us allowing us to pet him. He purred the other day and I thought to myself, this may be the first time this poor guy has ever purred!

Well, that's all for now and honestly it is enough! I have to cut myself off. Four cats despite their living situations are plenty to feed and love. I am also a dog lover, too, just waiting for the right time to adopt one. Any pet lovers out there who share my desire to take em' all in!?