Visually Speaking /// Mint

Posted April 09 2012

I am in love with the color Mint, or Magic Mint if you are Crayola inclined. Its not quite green and not quite blue but the perfect frosted combination of the two. This color invokes pleasant feelings of cool calmness but is just punchy enough to make a powerful statement. I've got this color on my toes and in my feather extensions and am toying with the idea of dyeing a strip or two of hair in the shade! Summer is officially upon is and Mint is certainly the hot color of the season so below are some fun items you can purchase or be inspired by. Enjoy!

Mint MoodboardL-R: Mint mouth, Tribella Watch- Nixon, Envelope Clutch- H&M, Bridal Shower Invite- Moonscape Handmade, Runway Styling, "Create" Embroidered Art- Merriweather Council, Beach Days Button Soap- HelloCrafty, Hello Kitty Nail Polish- Sephora, Rose ring- Irregular Choice, Chair Painting-  Michele Maule