Snapshots /// Orlando

Posted April 09 2012

In an attempt to personalize my blog and allow my readers get to know me better, I am starting another new series called "Snapshots" where I will be sharing photos of various places and things in my life.

Here are a few images to kick the series off from our trip to Orlando last week. I actually may do a couple on Orlando as we had so much fun visiting our "hometown" with family and friends. I say hometown in quotes because Orlando is actually not where we were both born but where we have spent a number of years, Cesar growing up and me going to college. It is also where we first met. (Perhaps more on that in another post!) Cesar was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Orlando with his family when he was 5. The funny thing is Cesar has no Puerto Rican blood, nor do his parents. His mother is Lebanese and Italian and his father is Mexican and Cuban. On top of that, his mother was actually born and raised in the Dominican still with me? My story isn't quite as colorful as his. I was born in Pensacola, Florida to a Greek-American mother and Irish-American father and moved to Tampa for a year then onto Orlando for 6 years to finish school. Long story short, Orlando is certainly "home" and although California is amazing we miss Florida dearly!

A cleanly shaven Cesar and I happy to be in hot, sunny Florida, me poolside, the swans at Lake Eola, Cesar filming a line in downtown Orlando