Mark Your Calendars!

Posted September 08 2014

Hello! I know it has been pretty quiet around this space, and a bit neglected if I am being honest. We have some changes on the horizon in regards to our brands and the way things are structured, which will make everything a bit more streamlined and easier to manage.

Here's what's up. October 1st, we are launching a brand new site for The Paper Cub Co. and with it we will be merging sass&peril into this new store, but as one singular brand. Managing two separate businesses has proven a bit tough and has me spread too thin, which causes me to have to put one brand before the other. This past year we have been devoting a lot of time and energy in TPC Co. and I am very excited with the direction it has taken. We are not closing sass&peril down for good in the sense of designs. Our Modern Animals collection will very much be alive and well when we merge and we will still be adding new products, just under TPC Co. Moving forward I feel it will be good to house everything under one cohesive brand. One change, however, will be the omission of textile goods, at least for the time being. We are planning on bringing over just the paper goods so the pillows, onesies, tea towels, and totes will no longer be offered. That is why we decided to hold a big store merging sale offering deep discounts on these products (the entire store, actually) so that we may "pack lightly" as we move into our new site. The big sale will start Sept. 15th over in our sass&peril Etsy shop. (Shopping capability has been paused for this current site, so that is now the only place to shop the s&p collection.) There will be no discount code, the prices will simply be marked down, but if you have a code from us you can still use it on top of the savings! I will post more details toward the end of the week, but I wanted to go ahead and share what changes were on the horizon and give you a chance to mark your calendars for the sale. Thank you all for your support with sass&peril over the years. I very much look forward to what's to come!