The Land of Nod Fall Collection

Posted July 09 2014

Big news in sass&peril land! Four, yes FOUR, of our designs are available at The Land of Nod as framed prints for their Fall collection! Apart from being framed, these pieces have backgrounds, even faux-wood textures for a few of them. I've done commissions for the LON before, but having my own designs associated with them is a huge accomplishment for my little business. I've always regarded the LON and the artists they work with as top notch so it is an honor to be part of the "club". (It's also proof that if you keep on chugging, and take risks to put yourself out there, it can really pay off!)

Hop on over to The Land of Nod's site and check out all the new goodies, there are some really great collections with designs for every personality and style.