The Paper Cub x UO

Posted November 14 2013

Have you heard the news? A greeting card from our Paper Cub Co. collection is now available at Urban Outfitters! This is our 3 color split-fountain screenprinted Thank You card, completely hand-drawn then printed by hand as well. I was so excited when they contacted us in regards to this design as it was a bit of an experiment when it comes to printing. Each card is totally unique and will have slight variations in color and blend so you're getting a special one-of-a kind card. (On a side note, that picture above just doesn't do the color fade justice, you really have to see this one in person!)


Also worth mentioning today, we are working up some deals for Black Friday weekend and will be releasing the discount codes via newsletter and on Facebook- s&p / tpc. If you're not signed up or a fan of ours make sure you get on the list so you can receive the deals!