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I was stuffing pillows the other night, and decided to turn on a little prime time TV to have on in the background. I looked up from the pillows for a moment, and saw my Lion staring back at me! The screenprint was in the little boy's room when the dad (Tim Allen) was tucking the grandson into bed. So of course I jumped up and started taking pictures of the screen! I had no idea what I was watching, but I immediately looked it up and found out that it was Last Man Standing on ABC. (If you're curious it was season 3 episode 5 "Haunted House".) I'm so happy our Large Lion Screenprint got some publicity as Mr. Red Fox has been getting a lot of press lately. Want to outfit your little one's room with a large Lion print? Well, you can pick up one for yourself here




October 07, 2013

Hey guys, just wanted to update you all that all of our shops for both s&p and The Paper Cub Co. are re-open and we will begin shipping orders per usual this week! We will also be processing wholesale orders placed during our closure and following up on emails and other requests. Thank you all so much for your patience during our big move! Have you been following along? We've been posting pics on Instagram of our new surroundings and more. We've also got some exciting plans for a studio space in the near future that we will be excited to share.

Also worth noting, we still have many products marked down from our moving sale that are now available as clearance such as our tote bags, our kid's tee shirts, and a selection of prints. We will not be moving forward with these products, so get them before they are gone forever!


Shipping Delay During Our Move

September 20, 2013

Well, the time has come to pack up inventory in preparation for our big move! Check out that beautiful beast of a truck we have there ;) Here is some info on on our shop closures, shipping delays, wholesale ordering etc.

This shop- We will still be accepting orders while we are closed, but there will be a bit of a shipping delay. Orders placed as of now (Sept 20th at noon) will ship when we get to our new location and get unpacked. We are estimating 2 weeks at the most, but it may be quicker than that. If you have any questions at all about your order please contact us. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner but keep in mind we are moving.

sass&peril on Etsy- We have put this shop on "vacation mode". No orders may be placed during this time.

The Paper Cub Co. on Etsy- Same as above, on "vacation mode". 

Wholesale info for both brands- We will still be accepting orders but note your ship date will be October 15th and later.

That should cover it! I appreciate everyone's support during our moving sale! Keep updated with us on Instagram while we move- @sassandperil and @thepapercub.

Signing off for the last time as a California resident!


I can finally share an exciting project that I worked on a few months back, a specially designed print for The Land of Nod's Fall/Holiday collection! It is a "circus bear" complete with a geometric composition and a darling little bow-tie and hat :) Hop on over to their site to view framing options for this 11" x 14" print and to see more great designs. Keep in mind that this piece is a part of the Nod Institue of Art, so it is limited.

ps- I'm already working on another design for SP14!


MOVING SALE! Plus 30% off!

September 13, 2013

So you know that big move we are about to embark on? Well, we need to lighten our load so we are having a blowout sale for one week only until our shops temporarily close on Sept 20th! We have over 15 products marked down and you can save up to 70% on them! In addition to the sale items, we are offering a 30% off coupon for any regularly priced merchandise! The coupon is for use in this web shop only, not in our Etsy shop, just here. Enter the code "MOVING30" at checkout and please note that the code is only good for non-sale priced merchandise. (If it is applied to sale merch we will contact you prior to shipping for the difference.) So basically our entire shop is on sale, and at a pretty good discount if I do say so myself. The kicker is, you only have one week to shop. We will be closing down temporarily come Friday, September the 20th at noon PST. All orders will go out that day and then that's it for at least 2 weeks while we move and get settled.

Now back to packing boxes....


Natural Nursery Elements

September 06, 2013

Wow. It's been quite a while since I have done a roundup. My last Visually Speaking post was almost a year ago! Well, today I am back with a new format for these roundups and an easier to pin image. This board was inspired by natural and wood elements for nurseries and baby gifts, which is a look I love. It is so light and airy and also can easily be gender neutral if you are waiting to find out if you are having a girl or boy. Enjoy the roundup and I promise that it won't be a year until the next one ;)




September 03, 2013


I've got some BIG news to share today! We are moving back to our home state of Florida!

At the end of September we will be packing up and heading out out some 2,500 miles to our new home and temporary studio in Winter Park, FL. If you don't know, Winter Park is a wonderful city in the greater Orlando Metro area. You may or may not know, but Cesar and I are from Florida. I am from Pensacola and then spent 6 years in Orlando finishing college and working. Cesar is originally from Puerto Rico, but moved to Orlando with his family when he was 5. He and I met there and then I got a job offer in the other Orange County, so we moved out to Long Beach in 2007. Fast forward 6 years and we are about to embark upon our next adventure! We are super excited about moving back home, being closer to our families, and getting to re-discover the great state of Florida. We also learned about an exciting new studio space opportunity that we hope will work out! sass&peril and The Paper Cub Co. were born out here in California, and have seen some major growth in the past year. I don't think I would be where I am today without the support of the handmade and design communities out here and we will miss it! On the other hand, I feel very fortunate to be able to work from anywhere so when Cesar was offered a job in our homestate we couldn't say no. We've been so grateful for everyone's support and friendships, and we look forward to continuing to see many of you at future craft fairs and tradeshows! For my Floridians, we look forward to re-connecting and also getting to be a part of the rapidly growing art and design scene in the Orlando area.

A few notes on the shops and also for wholesale ordering, we will be closing down this online shop and both of our Etsy shops (sass&peril and The Paper Cub Co.) on Sept 20th. Current retailers, you have been notified so please check your email for our detailed announcement. We will take our last online orders Sept 20th and ship them out on Sept 21st. We will re-open the shops 2 weeks later or once we are moved and unpacked. We will continue to accept wholesale orders for both lines during the move, but we will keep you updated on your ship date. If you're thinking of ordering soon, I suggest you do so right away so that we can get your order wrapped prior to the move. The Paper Cub Co.'s Holiday 2013 collection is available now to wholesalers with a second ship window after Oct 15th so please make note.

If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Surely, there will be a few bumps as this is a huge move, but just know we will do our best to get back up and running smoothly. Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to all the excitement and possibilities this new chapter will bring! Much more to come :)


New Cases!

August 14, 2013


I'm thrilled about this collab we just did with device case company Get Uncommon! We are a featured artist on the site and six of our modern animals are available on various styles and sizes of cases for iPhone (generations 3-5) and iPod Touch. Know someone who adores Foxes? What about a Lion for an ADPi gal? They make great back-to-school gifts and maybe, just maybe, matches a school mascot! Which one is your favorite?

Also, if you'd like to WIN one of these adorable cases then follow @sassandperil on Instagram by this Friday, August the 16th for your chance to win a case. I will be posting the image to re-gram along with what tags to use, etc. Easy! If you are the winner, you'll get a free case of your choice! The contest is open to entries worldwide :)


BRIKA Featured Maker

July 25, 2013

I'm happy to share that I'm the Featured Maker today on BRIKA! If you're not familiar with BRIKA, it is an online shopping experience with a special focus on the makers. They really emphasize on telling your story, which is important for small businesses. In addition to the feature they offer deals on products, so you can snap up some of our prints, pillows, onesies, and more at a sweet discount. I love reading through all of the maker's stories and interviews and seeing photos of their studios and materials. You can check out my feature here!


Shop Update- July

July 24, 2013

I wanted to spread the word about a discount we are honoring throughout the rest of this month and August. You can save 15% store-wide using code "SUMMER15" until 9/1/13. 

We also just added the second edition of our popular Alphabet Screenprints to the shop! These 18" x 24" 4-color screenprints would make a wonderful addition to a child's room or nursery and are also great back to school gifts for teachers and classrooms! There are only 100 prints in the edition and your's will be signed and numbered, making it an original piece of art. 



Hi guys! It is my last installment of the NSS posts series. I hope you've been enjoying them thus far! I've shed some light on our overall experience, our booth, and our budget so today I wanted to talk a bit about the goals we set forth going into the show and if we were able to achieve them in this first year. Everyone's goals will vary, and really, if you only set one and that is showing up in one piece then that's a great goal to have and achieve! We felt pretty confident going in that we'd be able to show a solid range with a clean, well-thought out booth, so our goals are more for what we would be taking away from NSS. Ok here goes!

GOAL 1: Make Our Investment Back

Our first goal, and I should mention that these goals don't appear in any particular order, was to make the money back that we spent to exhibit at the show. Now there are two parts to this, one is making it back via orders written at the show and the other is making it back with those and orders/opportunities following the show. I will tell you, we did not make our money back in orders at the show. We weren't terribly far from it, but alas, we did not recoup every penny. We are, however, well on our way to making it all back with the addition of orders and events that have occurred post-show. As mentioned before, NSS is a great place to get the word out about your brand. There are many shops that may not get to attend that will see you online or in the press. Many times if you're a good fit for their shop and they have the budget they'll email you to get your wholesale materials to then write an order. So with that two part answer to this goal, I'm going to say NO, we did not make our investment back....but with a big caveat of not YET

GOAL 2: Get Into 20 New Shops

A goal going into the show was to have our cards in 20 new shops. I am happy to report that, YES, we hit this goal! What is more important than the number of shops is the quality of those shops. When doing our research on shops to contact for our pre-show mailers, we made a tier A and a tier B. Tier A were obviously shops that we greatly adore and would be floored to be a part of. Tier B consisted of wonderful shops that we thought would also be a good fit, but perhaps weren't ones that we had come to our minds first. I hope this makes sense. We are flattered by any reputable shop that would like to work with us, but I don't see any harm in defining for your brand what shops are your top picks. (Next year, we'd like to add 25-50 more shops to our list! Dream big, right!?)

GOAL 3: Get Media Coverage

We were honored to appear on numerous design and lifestyle blogs and we even got a write up in the Daily NSS magazine made for each day of the show! It sounds funny, but Instagram was also a huge marketing tool for us. When shops, brands, and bloggers post pics of your booth and products that just amounts to more coverage and eyeballs on your products. What a better environment than at a tradeshow with all of your products lovingly on display when it comes to media snapping pics? So YES, goal achieved. 

GOAL 4: Network

This was one of the most fun parts of the show! We met lots of fellow paper pushers and retailers that we have admired from afar up until the show. It was such a pleasure putting faces to names and getting to fawn over their lovely products and hearing about the shops we love. This is also a great opportunity to ask questions and learn. We also had a chance to network with suppliers and gather new leads on materials for future product development. YES, goal met.

GOAL 5: Be Open to New Leads and Possibilities

This show is funny in that you work so hard on what you're going to show that you forget that there is a whole world of custom design and licensing prospects. We were approached by representatives from companies that were particularly interested in our s&p line of modern animal designs and asked if we did any custom designing or licensing. To be honest, I wasn't totally prepared to have those conversations at the show, but have been doing quite a bit of follow-up now that the show has wrapped. Licensing and custom designing can be very lucrative and should certainly factor into your initial investment to exhibit at any tradeshow. It can be tough to track down an email to pitch your ideas at larger companies, but when your'e speaking with them face to face and they are getting to see your full range for themselves, it can make the process speed up dramatically and with much success. We also discovered the world of distribution and how that can work, especially overseas. So, to summarize, licensing inquires and distribution deals, YES, goal certainly met when it comes to possibilites beyond just wholesale orders.

In Closing:

I can tell you that we have been working our butts off since the show has ended. Preparing for a tradeshow like NSS is no joke and can be exhausting  The thing is, there is an immense amount of work that will still need to occur after the show. Now that our first round of June orders are on store shelves, we are gearing up for round two in July and working through some of those exciting new leads and opportunities mentioned above. It is also time to start planning for new releases, specifically Holiday launches, and getting the word out to our current and prospective retailers. Dare I even mention that we are already starting to think about 2014 NSS!? Oh yes, the emails for contracts are already starting to hit our inboxes from the show management. Eeeep! What I've ascertained is that it is a cycle and with that comes a new way of planning, scheduling, budgeting, and thinking. It would be an understatement to say that I have learned a lot being a part of this show. It really can be a game-changer and an exciting way to grow your brand. The experience was wonderful and I look forward to 2014!

THANK YOU for reading along and as always if you have any questions about anything I have covered feel free to leave a comment!

----- NSS Parts ONETWO, and THREE-----



Fun news today! The Paper Cub Co. is the Featured Shop on Etsy! I was thrilled when they chose to feature TPC as this is my newer line and shop. Coming off of the tradeshow, I felt it was perfect timing to keep spreading the word about the brand and products. But enough about me rambling on, you can go check out the interview for yourself here

Have a great weekend everyone!