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Unique LA Summer 11 Wrapup

August 10, 2011

I just posted some pictures from the Unique LA show we did the other weekend at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. I debuted my new kids and baby garments as well as two new poster size animal prints!! I will have these listed in the shop very soon. Enjoy the images!

unique la wrapup


Snapshots /// Thunderstorms

August 07, 2011

I'm in Florida right now and since we are in the dog days of summer many afternoon storms are rolling through. I am absolutely enchanted by the sound of thunder! Living in California I don't get to hear thunder really ever so when I visit home during the summer months it is something I look forward to hearing. There's just something about a thunderstorm on a hot summer day to cool everything down. Sometimes you can even see steam rising up in the air as the raindrops hit the ground. Although it is super hot and humid here it's a climate that takes me back to childhood and invokes memories of running off of the beach or in from the pool as the curtain of rain rolls in. I also like how the showers just slow everything down for an hour or so and I imagine people sitting on their porches or watching the storms through big windows while drinking cups of coffee and waiting for the storms to pass. It is a very soothing feeling. Here is a small roundup of images I felt appropriate for a summer thunderstorm theme:

photo by: Ashie Fashy

photo by: Kirby Collins

photo by: WNoble

photo by: Hengki24

source unknown

photo by: Rona Keller

There are some more images from the Summer School event I did at the Ace Hotel here and here.

That's all for now. Off to enjoy the rest of my vacay!


Journey to the desert

August 02, 2011

I wanted to share some of the images I shot while in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel two weekends ago. We did a screenprinting workshop then also got to participate in the other artist's workshops which was so fun! The Ace Hotel is such a magical place, especially on a hot July weekend where you could spend most, if not all of the day in the pool or in the lounge chairs and hammocks poolside. The workshops were held in the pool clubhouse so you could literally jump out of the water and make some amazing art. The weekend kind of felt like a mini adult summer camp because you'd spend the day making arts & crafts and hanging out, then everyone would shower and eat then meet at the lounge for drinks! I hope you will enjoy the selected images below. For the rest of the shots, head on over to my flickr page!

Ace Hotel Sign

Summer School Banner

Screens Setup

Example Cards



Ace Hotel Pool


Unique LA Summer Show

July 28, 2011

Well folks, it is the last show for the month and the tail end of my Spring/Summer Craft show tour! What a way to end 6 amazing events than with Unique LA's first annual Summer Show? We'll be at booth #103 near the entrance to the incredible Barker Hangar in Santa Monica this weekend, Saturday & Sunday from 11-6. I'm excited to announce that I will be debuting some new screenprinted baby one-pieces and toddler tees at the show!! They are all organic garments and will feature some of the animal designs from my collection. Did I mention how adorable they are? I can't wait to share.

Once the shows are over and life returns to some sense of normalcy I look forward to designing a new range of cards and also getting some holiday designs in place. I will also be doing a major shop update with the baby and kid's garments, some larger prints, a new tote bag, and some new animal designs. Good things to come! For now, it is off to prepare for the show this weekend. If you are in the area I hope you'll come out and shop this amazing show.

ps- I'm working on getting the pics from the Ace Hotel Summer School event in Palm Springs uploaded to my flickr. I will post when they are there to enjoy!



Snapshots /// Cats

July 27, 2011

So I have a thing for cats. So what? I'm not denying my cat lady tendencies, no not one bit. Since I am using this series to get all up close and personal I might as well share my love for our feline friends. So without further ado, let me introduce to you Myran, Malik, Banks, and Brutus:

Myran and Malik are our 12 year old indoor cats, sister and brother, that I have had since the beginning of time. They are my fur babies and I loff them so. I can't imagine a life without them and I tear up thinking about how old they are getting and ever having to lose them. They literally light up my life and 90% of our iPhone pics are of them doing cute things. Pure bliss.

Banks is a cat that we tried to adopt a few months back but after taking him in his owner decided to stake claim. (&$@%!) We can't take what's not ours so we gave him back. He still spends 95% of the time in our yard and at our house as she keeps him outside of her home so he's our little "half-cat". He's the funniest guy, about 2 years old and very loving yet stubborn as a rock. He lets us know he's arrived and ready for some food by banging on the screen door then commencing to rub all over it. Sweet.

Brutus is Banks' buddy, but a true stray who is very skittish. He showed up one day (Banks probably told him there was food to be eaten) and we kind of fell in love with his funny shaped body and pretty, yet close set, blue eyes. He has quite a large head with the fattest cheeks and loudest meow! He has finally warmed up to us allowing us to pet him. He purred the other day and I thought to myself, this may be the first time this poor guy has ever purred!

Well, that's all for now and honestly it is enough! I have to cut myself off. Four cats despite their living situations are plenty to feed and love. I am also a dog lover, too, just waiting for the right time to adopt one. Any pet lovers out there who share my desire to take em' all in!?


Happy Friday!

July 22, 2011

Happy Friday you guys! Hope everyone is getting excited for the weekend whatever your plans may be. Just a reminder this weekend is the Ace Hotel Summer School Printmaking Workshop that I will be teaching in Palm Springs. I'm looking forward to sharing my process with others and printing some custom notecards and stationery!! Here is a link for the event again, in case you might want to come out to the desert and partake: ACE SUMMER SCHOOL. It is going to be a blast and I am equally excited to check out the hotel itself as I have heard amazing things.

Lastly, you may now subscribe to this blog! Wonderful reader Jillian alerted me to some issues with the previous subscribe button so I have removed it altogether and added a fun little link to the sidebar images. There is also a form a little further down where you may simply enter your email to subscribe.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Renegade Wrap-Up

July 18, 2011

I posted some pics from Renegade SF (and will have some up from Renegade LA shortly) to my  facebook fan page. It was great meeting new vendors and getting to put faces to the names of the bloggers and tweeps I converse with. I'm halfway done with the month's shows and next up is the Ace Hotel Printmaking Workshops then the Unique LA Summer Show. July, you are so crazy!

Renegade Images



New Screenprints On Wood

July 18, 2011

I just added these new wood prints to the shop. The designs have been hand-screenprinted on 11" x 14" pieces of birch wood, cut and sanded. They look great framed or by themselves leaning against a wall or mantle. You can easily add mounting hardware to the back if you choose to hang them unframed. Either way the nice warm tones of the birch and non-uniform wood grain adds something really special to the ink adorning the surface. So far I have the Lion, Owl, and Red Fox as wood prints and I am sure I will be adding more designs soon, too. It's really fun to print on non-traditional materials!

Lion print on wood

Owl print on wood

Fox print on wood


I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I am one of the artists teaming up with the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs to bring you a weekend of printmaking workshops July 23 + 24th! The event is going to be epic with printmakers and designers from Portland and California engaging in 2 hour workshops over the course of two days. On Sunday after all the workshops are over there will be a special show-and-tell gallery to exhibit the pieces made in the workshops. You will also have the opportunity to purchase goods from the artists themselves. On top of all that there will be a special design mentoring session by Graphic Designer Matt Goldman, dj's from KCRW, local bands, and much more! I mean, it's summer, it's going to be in the poolside clubhouse, it's the Ace Palm Springs, what more could you ask for in a fun and educational event? Visit the Ace Hotel's calendar for all the details and info for the weekend's festivities: Ace Summer School. The hotel is offering special deals and room rates for folks who want to come down for the event. So trek on out to the desert and spend a hot summer weekend getting artsy with us!



Kyle Durrie- Power & Light Press- Kyle will have her Moveable Type Letterpress truck on site.

Matt Goldman- MFG- $1/Minute interactive speed-design-dating. Get your learn on with Matt as your mentor.

Justin Krietemeyer- National Forest Design- Join Justin for a screenprint and multimedia poster workshop.

Erin Dollar- Craft show buddy and talented printmaker, Erin, will be showing you various ways to print your own unique patterns using lo tech materials.

.....And me!

And lastly,  Renegade LA is this weekend at the Los Angeles Historic State Park. I'll be there at booth #157!



Tomorrow we pack up the Golf and head up California's picturesque coastline towards San Francisco! We are very much looking forward to the drive up and even more excited to be vending at our first out-of-city craft fair. We did the Holiday Renegade show in LA last December and had a blast so I am sure this time around will be no different especially in awesome SF! The plan is to leave pretty early in order to take the scenic route! We will take Highway 1 (PCH) all the way up through Santa Barbara then the 101 to San Louis Obispo. From there we will hop back on the 1 for the best part of the drive (from what I've been told) through Big Sur before hopping back on the 101 near Castroville (home of the world's largest artichoke) for the rest of the journey into SF. Should be a long day of driving but with beautiful sights and scenes along the way. See you soon SF!



Golden Gate Bridge

Renegade SF Flyer


Snapshots /// Lemonade

July 03, 2011

Today I made...lemonade!

Nothing better than a homemade glass of lemonade on a hot summer day!


Lemons sliced in half

Lemons juiced

(Juice 5 or so lemons)

Simple syrup

(simple syrup made by mixing sugar and boiling water)


(my audience!)

Sliced lemons

(Mix juice + syrup with water to taste, add sliced lemons for garnish)

glass of lemonade

Easy peasy! Happy Summer!


Hope my American readers are all having a wonderful 4th of July weekend! Renegade SF is next weekend so we're working pretty hard doing this:

Screenprinting on wood

- yes, that's a screenprint on beautiful birch wood!

...and this:

Building our booth

- Cesar building our new booth structure:

...and taking a few breaks here to enjoy some of these:

Beer break

Monday will actually be more relaxing...we hope!