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Big news in sass&peril land! Four, yes FOUR, of our designs are available at The Land of Nod as framed prints for their Fall collection! Apart from being framed, these pieces have backgrounds, even faux-wood textures for a few of them. I've done commissions for the LON before, but having my own designs associated with them is a huge accomplishment for my little business. I've always regarded the LON and the artists they work with as top notch so it is an honor to be part of the "club". (It's also proof that if you keep on chugging, and take risks to put yourself out there, it can really pay off!)

Hop on over to The Land of Nod's site and check out all the new goodies, there are some really great collections with designs for every personality and style.



Zulily SALE!

June 08, 2014

We're over at Zulily for the next few days with a big sale on our geometric and modern animals screenprints! You can save big by purchasing during this three day sale, but remember that our screenprints are limited so you've got to act quick! Shop the sale here.


Just a reminder that our 40% Blowout Sale is still going strong, but there are only 4 more days left to get this deal! Any purchase of $20 or more qualifies you to take 40% off your entire purchase using the code: 40OFF20. Come Saturday Feb. 1st, the deal will expire so go on and get some stuff at a really great discount!

// Shop ETSY or right here in our WEBSHOP//


I also wanted to share the new 2014 screenprinted Valentine's Day cards over in our sister shop, The Paper Cub Co. Our "Be Mine" screenprinted card has been a top seller along with our ever popular metallic "Gold Hearts" card. We've got a love-themed card for just about any occasion so check out the rest of the collection here, and if you spend $50 you can get free shipping WORLDWIDE using code: SHIP50.



January 04, 2014

We're having a pretty amazing sale right now on the entire shop (or over on Etsy) where if you spend at least $20, you get to take 40% OFF of your order! We're shaking things up for 2014 and need to clear some space in the studio and in our online shops. Take advantage and stock up, as it may be the last time you'll be able to purchase some of these products! All you have to do us use the code: "40OFF20" at checkout and it is good for the entire month of January.

Happy shopping! 


Holiday Shipping Info

December 09, 2013

UPDATE 12/21- The deadline for Christmas Day arrival has officially passed.

The Holidays are fast approaching, so make sure you take note of our important Holiday ship dates below! Today, December 9th, is the deadline for First Class International deliveries. Please contact us for any questions regarding shipping or if you need to expedite your shipping.

>>> Shop our clearance sale here! <<<


Shopping Small

November 30, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. you'd have seen our Black Friday-Cyber Monday sale post, but I wanted to pop in and share the special here since it runs not only Friday, but today through Monday. Please let me say that I cringe at bombarding you guys with this stuff, so I haven't posted it here on the blog yet. Honestly, I took yesterday off to spend some quality time with my family and stay off the internet and it felt great :) Today we are doing some shopping at small businesses in my hometown and hoping to find some vintage treasures as well! I hope that more people will do the same today and shop the locally-owned businesses that create the patchwork of our communities. I love knowing that the money I spend at these shops stays within the respective neighborhoods and supports the dreams of the shop proprietors.  

Enjoy the rest of the weekend checkout the deals of our small business below :)


We're also doing free shipping over at The Paper Cub Co. on orders of $25 or more.


New to the shop are these super adorable Modern Animal Temporary Tattoos! They come four 2" tattoos to one sheet so you can simply cut them into four squares to apply each one individually. These are sure to put a smile on your little one's face, or hey, sport them yourself! Our temporary tattoos are non-toxic and 100% safe, being FDA certified for direct dermal contact. They'd make excellent party favors or stocking stuffers this holiday season, and you can buy some for yourself right here.


The Paper Cub x UO

November 14, 2013

Have you heard the news? A greeting card from our Paper Cub Co. collection is now available at Urban Outfitters! This is our 3 color split-fountain screenprinted Thank You card, completely hand-drawn then printed by hand as well. I was so excited when they contacted us in regards to this design as it was a bit of an experiment when it comes to printing. Each card is totally unique and will have slight variations in color and blend so you're getting a special one-of-a kind card. (On a side note, that picture above just doesn't do the color fade justice, you really have to see this one in person!)


Also worth mentioning today, we are working up some deals for Black Friday weekend and will be releasing the discount codes via newsletter and on Facebook- s&p / tpc. If you're not signed up or a fan of ours make sure you get on the list so you can receive the deals!


Oopsy Daisy

November 12, 2013

In the madness of our move I neglected to mention a fun opportunity we have going with Oopsy Daisy, fine art for kids. We've teamed up with them to bring you an assortment of our designs on stretched canvas! You'll notice small little changes we've made to our current designs, such as adding a faux wood texture or slight patterns in the background for this special project. Each canvas print is stretched by hand over a 1.5" wood frame. They are super durable and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. There are a handful of sizes to choose from for these canvas prints, 10" x 14" or a whopping 18" x 24" as well as square sizes. Need a frame as well? They've got that. Right now they are having a site-wide 20% off sale, but it ends today so you've got to act quick! 

Oopsy Daisy site   /   My Artists' Bio   /   My Artwork Page


I was stuffing pillows the other night, and decided to turn on a little prime time TV to have on in the background. I looked up from the pillows for a moment, and saw my Lion staring back at me! The screenprint was in the little boy's room when the dad (Tim Allen) was tucking the grandson into bed. So of course I jumped up and started taking pictures of the screen! I had no idea what I was watching, but I immediately looked it up and found out that it was Last Man Standing on ABC. (If you're curious it was season 3 episode 5 "Haunted House".) I'm so happy our Large Lion Screenprint got some publicity as Mr. Red Fox has been getting a lot of press lately. Want to outfit your little one's room with a large Lion print? Well, you can pick up one for yourself here




October 07, 2013

Hey guys, just wanted to update you all that all of our shops for both s&p and The Paper Cub Co. are re-open and we will begin shipping orders per usual this week! We will also be processing wholesale orders placed during our closure and following up on emails and other requests. Thank you all so much for your patience during our big move! Have you been following along? We've been posting pics on Instagram of our new surroundings and more. We've also got some exciting plans for a studio space in the near future that we will be excited to share.

Also worth noting, we still have many products marked down from our moving sale that are now available as clearance such as our tote bags, our kid's tee shirts, and a selection of prints. We will not be moving forward with these products, so get them before they are gone forever!


Shipping Delay During Our Move

September 20, 2013

Well, the time has come to pack up inventory in preparation for our big move! Check out that beautiful beast of a truck we have there ;) Here is some info on on our shop closures, shipping delays, wholesale ordering etc.

This shop- We will still be accepting orders while we are closed, but there will be a bit of a shipping delay. Orders placed as of now (Sept 20th at noon) will ship when we get to our new location and get unpacked. We are estimating 2 weeks at the most, but it may be quicker than that. If you have any questions at all about your order please contact us. We will do our best to respond in a timely manner but keep in mind we are moving.

sass&peril on Etsy- We have put this shop on "vacation mode". No orders may be placed during this time.

The Paper Cub Co. on Etsy- Same as above, on "vacation mode". 

Wholesale info for both brands- We will still be accepting orders but note your ship date will be October 15th and later.

That should cover it! I appreciate everyone's support during our moving sale! Keep updated with us on Instagram while we move- @sassandperil and @thepapercub.

Signing off for the last time as a California resident!